Invataturile Annei Wintour

anna_wintour_in_officeCriza se manifesta sub diferite forme in toate domeniile, inclusiv in moda. La inceputul anului nu credeam ca va fi chiar atat de rau insa iata ca bugetele alocate prezentarilor de moda s-au injumatatit aproape iar prezenta jurnalistilor la saptamanile modei a scazut considerabil (din pricina costurilor de transport, cazare etc).

In aceasta situatie ne intrebam in mod cat se poate de legitim ce facem? Spre ce ne indreptam? Cum va avolua de acum incolo sistemul modei? Ce se va schimba si ce sacrificii trebuie sa facem pentru a supravietui? La toate aceste intrebari raspunde nimeni alta decat Anna Wintour (atat de scumpa la vorba in toti acesti ani), intr-un dialog cu Wall Street Journal.

Vor avea succes colectiile originale, cu valoare intrinseca si mai putin cele comerciale

Right now, what’s going to work is something their customer doesn’t have in her closet and that has a real intrinsic sense of value. …Because to be honest there’s been too much product, too much copy-catting, and, probably too much consumerism. I think a sense of clarity, a sense leveling off and a sense of reality is needed.

Asa cum prevedeam in urma cu ceva timp aici, indemnul este de a cumpara mai putin dar mai bun. Cu alte cuvinte investitii in lucruri de calitate, durabile (recunosc ca aici mi-au crescut actiunile putin mai mult :P)

I do feel an emphasis on quality and longevity and things that really last. This morning I went to see Ralph Lauren, who designed a tiny but superb collection of watches. You can look at those watches, you can see if you buy one you will have it for the rest of your life.

Ideea de mai sus reluata sub alta forma

I think we need to give women the aspirational clothes that can make them dream, and another portfolio that’s about mixing high and low, certainly the way the First Lady is dressing. It’s about a mix. …In the Index pages we are looking more rigorously at price and value and asking, ‘is something worth that particular price tag?’

Si da este o provocare sa incepi o colectie proprie ca tanar designer

It’s important for young women and men coming out of the fashion schools to think seriously before starting their own collections. Anyone who wants to be a designer and thinks they’re going to be the next Calvin [Klein], Ralph [Lauren], or Michael [Kors] is not realistic. It is much more helpful for them to go and study with an Oscar [de la Renta] or a Carolina [Herrera] – someone who can teach them.

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Invataturile Annei Wintour

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Justin feat T.I – Dead and gone

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    Inseamna ca nici ea nu va mai cumpara celebrele esarfe de la Hermes, are probabil deja sute…sau nu se simte afectata de criza???Oricum sunt o mare admiratoare si m-a uimit prin faptul ca reuseste sa fie respectata de marii creatori de moda.

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