Interview with Tom Strohmetz: international make-up artist BeYu

The art of make-up is a form of love. Love for the image, love for the beauty and above all, love for the woman.  If there is one person who works very hard and has a great deal of interest and love in his work, that is Tom Strohmetz, a very well known make-up artist, former trainer for MAC and ambassador for one of the most successful european cosmetic brands: BeYu.
I’ve met Tom couple of weeks ago at a special beauty session organized by Douglas team and I was surprised by the dedication and opening he proved. I invite you today to discover an unique universe:

Adina Necula: First of all, tell me how did you start in the make-up industry?

Tom Strohmetz: I started my career in 2000 as a Hair + Make-up Artist for MAC Cosmetics in Munich. In the position as Key Make-up Artist I directed photo shoots and fashion shows. In 2003 I was promoted to the position of Trainer, responsible for demonstrating and educating MAC staff and professional make up artists in new products, make-up trends, and state of the art techniques in workshops throughout MAC stores Germany wide.

Since 2005 I´m working as freelance Hair + Make-up Artist in the fashion, beauty and music industries. My passion for make up finally lead me, in 2011, to BeYu, one of Europe’s most successful cosmetic brands. Now I´m working for the brand as a make up artist and trainer at national and international level.

Adina Necula: Is there a moment or a person you remember influencing your carrier during the past years?

Tom Strohmetz: My influencing moment was the time at MAC cosmetics to work together with the Icons of Make up, Terry Barber and Gordan Espinat.

Adina Necula: What is the best advice you received so far?

Tom Strohmetz: My best advice is to be always yourself and authentic. You meet so many people in your life. It`s more trouble than it´s worth to be all the time different.
Adina Necula: What is your daily routine as make-up artist working for a major company, doing training sessions and taking part also on shootings for different clients and magazines?

Tom Strohmetz: You need concentration, a constant and precision for your special duties and  responsibility! Step by step, i preparing one job and finished it than the next…

Adina Necula: What is the most challenging opportunity you have had as a make-up artist?

Tom Strohmetz: I´ve had a two weeks photo production through India by car this year. It was a really challenged work to fix hair and make up at 40 degrees!!! And in Cuba for a music clip! I worked 24 hours through…
Adina Necula: Berlin’s artistic scene is changing and evolving constantly. How do you see all these influences, translated into make-up?

Tom Strohmetz: Due to the young Artist, Fashion Newcomer all over the world Berlin`s artistic scene is always changing. And the make up adapt to the fashion all the time. We have so much talented artists that my creativity in this city will never end.

Adina Necula: What is your makeup philosophy?  

Tom Strohmetz: As a make up artist, I’m always searching for the latest colors, trends and forms of expression – these are what provide the impulses for my creations. My personal challenge is to create make up looks that are sophisticated, up-to-date and simple to achieve at the same time. And a wide range of good cosmetic products is essential for this, of course. I was bowled over straight away by the quality, diversity of colors and contemporary appeal of the BeYu range.

Adina Necula: What are your favourite make-up trends for this year and how can we obtain certain looks at home?

Tom Strohmetz: We see in the fashion this season a lot of white, pink and mint! That`s also up to date for the make up – pink on lips and mint on eyes!

Adina Necula: Which BeYu make-up products are must-haves in every woman’s make-up bag?

Tom Strohmetz: Of course, the brand new Lip Biggie fresh colored and moisturizing at the same time in a handy stick.
Adina Necula: Is there any particular palette that you’re using on a daily basis?

Tom Strohmetz: BB Cream, Tinted Beauty Moisturizer – primer and sun protection, perfume free, paraben free, free from silicons and minerals! Miracle Concealer – for pampering the skin with hyaluronic acid.

Adina Necula: Which tools do you always have with you backstage?

Tom Strohmetz: Brush, Powder and a Lip product.
Adina Necula: If I take a peek in your make-up kit, what would I see?

Tom Strohmetz: Organisation and cleanliness are one of the most important things as a make up artist.

Adina Necula: Are there any specific products that you’d recommend or that you’d never be without?

Tom Strohmetz: Miracle Concealer – wonder weapon against under eye shadows and Power Volume Mascara – best boosting mascara ever with just one application.
Adina Necula: What beauty looks do you feel are overrated?

Tom Strohmetz: Too much foundation and blusher.

Interview with Tom Strohmetz: international make-up artist BeYu

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Interview with Tom Strohmetz: international make-up artist BeYu

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