Interview with HUMIECKI&GRAEF: perfumes and emotions

Art generates feeling and perfumery –  THE Eighth Art – presents his new creations under a veil that can drive a perfectly rational person to tears. I’ve had this feeling only a couple of times in my life and I must tell you some of the essences from Createur 5 d’Emotions, left me speechless and breathless with happiness.
It’s a rare feeling and when the emotional connection does happen, you see the world different. A perfume can be wildly powerful, but it’s the power you invest in it with your open soul. The power of emotions, the power of vulnerability, the power of truth hidden under the mask, the power of one look that seduce in an instant or the power of a single note finding it’s way straight to your soul’s chamber of secrets.
HUMIECKI & GRAEF carries something very special: perfumes full of love, desire, folly, lust, sadness, meant to be discovered between the lines and pictured with the soul. I invite you today to discover an unique universe:

Adina Necula: When you set out to create HUMIECKI & GRAEF, where did you begin? Where did the idea blossom? I’ve read that you dedicated the brand to the memory of two special women.

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: To design a perfume label meant to us to develop our own station in the perfume industry and to create our vision about perfumery and also about luxury. Perfumery is one of the eldest domain in cultural history. It is also a field where products are driven by emotions. This was it what interested us and what I would describe as a rational idea behind founding our brand.
The emotional idea was to create a brand in memory of our grandmothers to whom we both, each of us, had great respect and a deep emotional bonding. Therefore the brand carries their maiden names. Humiecki&Graef is a commemorative gift to these strong special persons.

„… our idea is to get inspired by emotional feelings…”

Adina Necula: HUMIECKI & GRAEF express first of all real emotions, human feelings and special moods. There are real stories and characters behind every creation?

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: Of course. A fragrance tells a story and our fragrances do that as well. Each emotional feeling is explored in special stories. For example there is the feeling of intensity, which is described by an intense love between a very young man and a mature woman. Or pride which describes the relationship between a mother and a daughter, where the mother starts to see herself as a young woman.

Adina Necula: You conceived a fragrance about melancholy (Skrab), one about trust (Blask), another about pride (Clemency), but none of them is dedicated to happiness. How would you imagine a fragrance for pure and true happiness, a fragrance able to make your soul smile and your eyes glow in an instant?

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: Actually there are a lot fragrances in our line which make your soul smile, for example Bosque, a very warm and sunny proposal. The idea of our fragrances is not to create emotional feelings, this should be up to the user – our idea is to get inspired by emotional feelings. Talking about happiness- there is one which is close to happiness, Multiple Rouge – it describes folly. If we would describe happiness it wouldn’t be a simple way of happiness. We are interested in reading between the lines.
Adina Necula: Why did you decide to break free from the traditional olfactory pyramid in HUMIECKI & GRAEF perfumes?

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: This gives a stronger impact on the notes and the behavior of the perfume on your skin. It’s much direct and immediately.

„For us it is not important to create something unusual by notes, the idea is to create through common notes something new – this is the real challenge.”

Adina Necula: What’s the most unusual thing that you’ve found that you’ve then put into a perfume?

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: Something very simple as for example Louvage, which is almost non existing in perfumery. But for us it is not important to create something unusual by notes, the idea is to create through common notes something new – this is the real challenge.
Adina Necula: How do you know when a perfume is finished? How do you know when you’ve reached the last trial? What makes it different from the one that came before?

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: It’s the moment you would say yes – the same in love, suddenly you know it.

Adina Necula: When you choose a perfume, it’s a part of your personality that you show others. Do you think it’s better to have one scent that everybody remembers you by?

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: This is something very personal. For my self I am just wearing two perfumes, but way not shouldn’t you were different ones, that’s up to your style.
Adina Necula: What do you think people are missing out on when they buy or wear niche perfumes?

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: For sure people look for special olfactive ideas, something which is uncommon and what you do not find on every corner. I think it’s also the interest in the special culture , a statement on what you believe in, maybe a true product or the artistic approach.

Adina Necula: What are some of the most interesting responses you’ve received on your fragrances?

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: I get various positive reactions. Very often people they don’t know the stories behind the perfumes and they suddenly they come up with stories which describe it very well and they have the same image in their mind. This is something that shows to me that a perfume is also a picture which you may see through your nose.
Adina Necula: What perfumes do you enjoy to wear or to smell around you?

HUMIECKI & GRAEF: Of course, our own.

Interview with HUMIECKI&GRAEF: perfumes and emotions

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Interview with HUMIECKI&GRAEF: perfumes and emotions

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