Suspendarea lui Basescu in Wall Street Journal

In editia online de astazi a Wall Street Journal, Vladimir Tismaneanu si Dragos Aligica publica un articol despre suspendarea lui Traian Basescu.

Romania’s Parliamentary Putsch

By Vladimir Tismaneanu and Paul Dragos Aligica

Word Count: 1,015

Just a little more than 100 days after Romania joined the European Union, its parliament voted yesterday to impeach President Traian Basescu. The lawmakers alleged that he had violated the constitution, even though the Romanian Constitutional Court had previously rejected their reading of the law. This political crisis is destined to become a serious foreign policy headache for the newly enlarged EU and for the U.S.

The essence of the accusations against Mr. Basescu is that he has failed to remain neutral vis-à-vis the government and the political parties. Romania can be described as a semi-presidential republic where authority is …

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