Interview with Diane Pernet

As I told you couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to meet Diane Pernet and to exchange some thoughts about the future of fashion and about her research trip in Romania. It’s very hard to describe in a few words what was my first impression about her. Diane talks in a very special way and she has a voice so profound, almost hypnotizing. When I looked at her I saw not just a fashion icon but a very open minded and passionate woman.

Her gestures and the way she sees the changes in fashion, is simply remarcable. I realized that complexity is only created in our minds. In fact things are a lot more obvious that we thought and for a young designer,  in order to gain some recognition, means to keep up with technology, internet and all the social media.

Below you have the interview with Diane Pernet. It’s a little bit difficult to watch, due to the sound that is not so good, but after all I think is more interesting this way.

For my romanian readers, I wrote on a detailed story about my meeting with Diane Pernet. You can find it here.

Interview with Diane Pernet

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Interview with Diane Pernet

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